St. Tikhon's Orthodox University

Moscow, Russia

Certificate Bachelor's, Master's, PhD

The main university building is located in the center of Moscow, in a prestigious historical house, not far from the Kremlin. The university has 2 more buildings in the city center and a campus 20 minutes from there. On the campus, there is a dormitory, an academic building, a library, a refectory, and a chapel. Classes are held in small groups, in a family-style atmosphere. Students hold creative gatherings, intellectual clubs, and charity events in coworking spaces. The university has volunteer groups whose members are engaged in charitable activities. Students attend concerts, exhibitions, and cultural events organized by the university.
Orthodoxy in RussianCertificate8 months
19th & 20th Century Russian Culture & ReligionMaster's5 semesters
Old Believers: Russian Church Reforms of the 17th Century Certificate7 weeks

19th & 20th Century Russian Culture & Religion


The Master’s program offers an all-round conception of the history of Russian culture from the 19th and early 20th centuries by developing an understanding of the role of Orthodoxy, its spirituality and religious experience in this history. The focus of the course facilitates a deeper understanding of the most important features and tendencies in Russian culture that came into being during the above-mentioned historical period and which remain influential in modern Russia.


Tuition fee per year: 70,000 RUB

Application dates: June 20, 2021 – August 7, 2021

Submitting documents: through the Applicant’s Personal Account at the following link:

Admission test: Portfolio Competition (70 points minimum)

Criteria for evaluating the Candidate’s Portfolio for admission to the Master’s Program 47.04.03 (Religious Studies – Religious aspects of Russian culture of 19th and early 20th Century) at the following link:

Portfolio submission deadline: August 8, 2021 (in Russian)

For more information about the Program, Visa Support, and Accommodation options, please contact:


“I am grateful to the teachers inspiring me for a constant development and a deeper understanding of Christian truth and Orthodox teaching.”
Elizaveta Kutuzova
“The studying fully met my expectations, giving me a lot of good for life in general, not only for scientific work.”
Anna Dedkova

Old Believers: Russian Church Reforms of the 17th Century


The interdisciplinary course provides an overall overview of the reforms of Patriarch Nikon during the 17th century, their historical, socio-political and religious contexts, as well as the emergence of the Old Believers in the decades following the reforms. The focus of the course facilitates a deeper understanding of the historical, political and social issues of 17th century Russia in the context of reforms. Students will be asked to produce three short essays dealing with the lectures and will be awarded a Certificate of course completion at the end of the program.


Full Tuition Fee: 100 EUR or 8600 RUB (The final price in euro might be slightly different based on the currency rate of the payment day)

Application Dates: December 1, 2021 – February 11, 2022

Submitting Documents: through the Applicant’s Personal Account at this link here.

Admission Test: no admission test needed

Portfolio Submission Deadline: February 11, 2022

For More Information: Students of History (they do not require prior knowledge of theology and Russian history). For more information about the Program, please contact:


“Studying Russian History without knowing Russian Orthodox Church History is impossible. I found what I was looking for.”
Jury Byakov
"I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the programs. The course was very interesting, although not easy."
Anatoly Lappalaynen
"This was a wonderful course and I highly recommend it to anyone interested In Eastern Orthodoxy and/or Russian History."
Gregory Korbut